Penny Raffle Deluxe Kit: $25

Extra clear numbered containers .50 each

    A penny sale raffle is sometimes known as the prize table or raffle table. Generally there are prizes set up with a corresponding container and guests put tickets into the prizes they would like to win. The tickets for these are sheets with the same number on each ticket. It was called the "penny sale" because traditionally a sheet of  100 tickets was sold for a dollar!

 You have your prizes and now you need to set them up professionally so your guests can see them and try to win their favourites!

     Yes- you could spend a few hours making up your own containers and boards, but why stress? 

We've already done the organizing for you and all you have to do is set them up!

 Our penny sale kit includes:

  •  100 clear containers with lids. Each container is labelled 1-100 (lids are labelled too!) All you have to do is label your prizes to correspond with them. If you have more than 100 prizes (way to go!) we can add more containers on for only 2/$1.00.
  • Winner display board for writing winning numbers after they have been drawn so guests can see if they are winners!
  • Clipboard with tracking sheets
  • Personally designed templates for organization