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Welcome to Our Dream!

March 28, 2018

"There is nothing more vulnerable than creativity" - Brene Brown

So true! This afternoon I felt very vulnerable as I hovered over that PUBLISH button.  I have been creating unique games and running successful events for many years, and always had a lingering thought that I needed to take the plunge and just GO FOR IT! 

I believe that it is important to pursue dreams and ultimately find a career path that leaves you feeling more happy at the end of the day than when you wake up.

Game Night Rentals is the outcome of years of planning and dreaming and believing that it was possible. We are just in the beginning stages. This is a leap of faith and belief that we can offer something amazing to the community.

My name is Brandy, and I am the big dreamer behind Game Night Rentals...and when I refer to "we" or "our" in any of the writing on the site it refers to my amazing and supportive family. This is a big group effort. And I am thankful for their belief in my dream and their desire to want to see it soar!

I truly love the idea of creating amazing games and get excited when I have a new inspiration and can not wait until I start putting it together! I love the idea of helping YOU make the most of your event- whether it is a stag and doe or a birthday party! I want YOU to have fun and be successful....and I am there to help you along the way.

Yes, people could make their own games for stag and does, for example, and many people do. But my question is WHY? With the case of a one-time event (especially when raising money is the goal) it is not only easier to rent the games and items you need, it also works out cheaper. Did you just think "Well, I can go to the dollar store." Yes. Yes, you can. But that adds up quickly. And the "deal" you thought you were getting really does not work out that cheap in the end. Also, think of the time you would save just being able to focus on the actual event...instead of making games or cutting holes in jars  for tickets. There is A LOT of work in these events that you could simply delegate out to us! You focus on the prizes and we can set up the rest!

I am free lance writer as well. Overall I am simply a creative person and love that I have found an outlet to share my creativity! You can check out my writing at

Thank you for joining me on my venture and I look forward to meeting you!


For the LOVE of creativity!

April 2, 2018

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."- Albert Einstein

     The idea for renting out games was inspired a few years ago as we planned a huge fundraising family day for a program my then ten-year-old son created called  the Wonderful Wishes Birthday Program.

     He would use his own money to grant birthday wishes for children in the community that may not have had any other presents due to the economic realities their parents faced. There was a huge response from the community as no other program similar existed, and he soon decided he wanted to have an event to raise money to be able to provide more birthday wishes within our community.

     We knew we wanted it to be a fun event for the entire family and to have plenty of interactive games. When we looked into local rental businesses there was nothing that really met our vision. Rental places were quite expensive (which detracted from the point of the event: to raise money) and the games offered were small and boring. Basic manufactured games that everyone had. We decided the best way for us to see our vision become a reality was to create our own games.

     We spent weeks designing and creating trendy games and it was family activity. We are proud of the uniqueness of our games and also the adaptions to popular games at other carnival type events. 

     The saddest part of the event was when we put all the games into storage. It seemed like such a waste of creativity and fun. And a seed was planted. What if we began renting out our games to other people putting on fundraisers? Not everyone has the time or storage to make their own games. And, since we loved it so much, why not go for it? 

     The idea lingered and each year we created more games and away they went after the fundraiser to sit  in a storage unit. But, after we successfully helped several other people with their own visions of birthday parties and stag and does, we decided the time to go for it was now!

     Our games are lovingly created and designed to attract attention and be functional. We take pride in our creations and will do our best to make sure your event is successful. There are many businesses that rent manufactured games and products for much higher prices than we do, but higher prices do not mean better quality. We don't offer run-of-the-mill standard games. Yes, we have the trendy games you want...but ours our unique and charming. And we also design many of our games from our own ideas...and you will not find these anywhere else.

We also take ideas from you! If there is a particular theme you are going for, and we do not have anything that fits, we are more than happy to create something special for your event!

     A few months ago little Juliette was turning one and her mom had a vision for a Sunshine theme for her birthday party. After talking with her I was able to create a photo-op board which she loved, and we now have in our available rentals.

     Our business is about creativity and bringing visions to life.  We genuinely enjoy what we do, and we genuinely want to make your event (whatever it may be!) fun, successful and something to remember!