Bra Pong       $45

A fun twist on the classic toss game! 

     There are many ways to utilize our Bra Pong game to make money for your event!

     Our game is free-standing and 4 feet by 4 feet.  It comes with seven bra spots. We have provided suggested points, but they are removable. We have also provided a set of blank cards for you to personalize how you wish to run the game. All of our games come with removable signs- one with our suggestions of cost to play, and one blank for you to personalize.

     The novelty of the game itself is always a crowd pleaser! Our game comes with ideas on how to play the game. You can choose to add up scores and offer a prize to the person with the highest after a certain time frame. Or have two -three people play at a time and a prize is awarded to the top scorer. Or even offer prizes if players can get the ball into certain cups. The ideas are endless and we provide you with specific instructions to make the most of this unique and cheeky game!